Red Deer Hind

Red Deer Hind

Bradgate Park, Leicestershire - 28 August 2005

With a promising weather forecast I headed to Bradgate Park at the end of August to get the lay of the land before the red deer rut (when the stags engage in fierce mating battles). It was a cold morning and as the sun started to come up, provided a really warm feeling to the park. I spotted this hind in the bracken and could see the warm coming out of her nose as she breathed, and with the sun behind her gave a nice rim lighting to her head. One of my favourites from the day.

Focal length:700mm


Exposure time:1/1250 sec


Reference: NH98

Size (inches)Price

7 x 11£30.00

8 x 12£35.00

10.5 x 16£40.00

12 x 18£45.00